Happy Valen-niversarry, Hun!!

Dear Jo,

Did you remember this date three years ago, you asked me to be your girl?

Did you know that for this three years you have colored every pages of my life with rainbow?

Three years full of Love
Three years full of Joy
Three years full of Happiness..

Though sometimes our path is not always smooth, but I’m happy to share all these happiness and sorrow together with you by my side.

I wish that I can share every second, every minutes, every hour and every day of my life with you..

I wish we can celebrate our togetherness everyday until death do us apart..

I can’t wait for you to become my one and only man and husband, father of our “future” children.

I’m in loved with you three years ago..
I still fall in love with you now..
And I will always love you until the end of time..

Happy Third Anniversary Honey and happy valentine day too!!!